About Lost Ideas

Do you have ideas that could benefit the world?

“What if we re-thought our fear of intellectual vulnerability and offered up our tender ideas to those with times on their hands?”

If you’re anything like me, you have a few files resting on your computer where you write down thoughts you wish to revisit after work, projects ideas to investigate over the weekend, research avenues, crazy plans about how government should do things, etc. Seeds of thoughts waiting for a bit of water and patience to grow into something useful. In many case, and more often than not, I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, and need to prioritize. Needless to say most remain in these files for none to see.

Most of them are probably useless. Some of them may be worth investigating. More importantly there are many more others, originating from many more individuals out there, holding interesting promises. I like to think those creators are just as enthusiastic at seeing them take shape.

What is shared can never be stolen.

The Platform

LostIdeas aims to be a repository of ideas that have yet to find a champion that will give them the attention, patience, dedication, skillset, and commitment, needed to flourish. Like a well-intentioned gardener, this platform welcomes you to plant whatever inspired seed of thought that came to you and see it grow through the work of others. It aims to make your many brilliant thoughts open to an interested public for scrutiny, feedback, and help before they’ve even begun taking shape.

You have limited time on earth. We get that. But your good ideas are not bounded by your limited time on earth and resources at your disposal. They are constrained by your ability and willingness to communicate them effectively. Great Ideas can come from any path of life. Don't hold yourself back and inspire a new generation of tinkerer.

  • Participate in a global brainstorming
  • Inspire others to pursue in your footstep
  • Have your ideas survive long after you lost interest in them
  • See your seeds of thought evolve as others develop them
  • Discover and link ideas you may not have had on your own


How does one communicate an idea?
We suggest a short description with any and all relevant reference that may have inspired you in the beginning. Share as much as you'd like others to share with you.